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As they say in Real Estate, location is everything!


Dog Parks in Washington, D.C. must be located on  DC Parkland (Land owned by Washington, D.C. DPR).  


After reviewing several locations in the area, the Group has selected two sites at the Takoma Recreation Center.  The locations are adjacent to the Takoma Pool Building. A photo of the selected sites has been posted at the bottom of this page.   Some of the reasons that we selected this site include:


1.  Opportunity to cross-utilize dog park development with beautification enhancements and remediation of soil erosion and water runoff    issues.


2.  Specific area appears to be the least utilized area within the Takoma Recreation Center area


3.  Located appropriately within the context of other community-centric areas including community gardens, basketball courts, tennis      courts, an indoor swimming pool and playing fields utilized locally and city-wide.


4.  Over 200 ft from the nearest residence providing an adequate buffer zone.


5.  Located near abundant parking alleviating impact on the residential parking in surrounding areas.


6.  Located away from from major streets and arteries, providing safety for access


7.  Centrally located in the Northern part of Ward 4, providing access for residents local and in the surrounding areas.


If you're interested in looking at a map of other dog parks in washington, D.C. you can click on this link






The closest dog park to my house is the Upshur Dog Park. That's almost 2.5 miles from my house. We need someting closer.


- Shepherd Park Neighbor



Everytime I go to my favorite dog park I spend time in the area, buy lunch, and spend money there. Unfortunately the park is in Arlington, Virginia.

- Brightwood Neighbor


A dog park would be a wonderful way to help in building community through the common interests of dog ownership; provide a facility for those who may want or need space for their dog to run and play; and at the same time utilize city funding to beautify and improve an ignored portion of the Tacoma Recreation Center that faces erosion and runoff issues.


 Site of current proposal is the Red Triangle 
- Manor Park Neighbor
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