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In 2010 a small group of Brightwood residents were unsuccessful in their attempt to get a dog park at the Takoma Recreation Center.   The residents managed to get the required number of signatures DC's dog park petition, and they had meetings with DPR and the Takoma Rec Center (the location selected for the dog park), however individuals working at the Takoma Rec Center at the time decided that they did not want a dog park nearby and efforts were ultimately abandoned.   

Fast forward to August 2014 wgeb a handful of neighbors who live within the boundaries of ANC4B got their dogs together to play.  One of the neighbors asked where the closest dog park was, and no one knew the answer.  The neighbors looked at a map and discovered that the closest dog park was several miles away from Coolidge High School.  When looking into this more, the group discovered that some of their Ward 4 neighbors were up to 4 miles away from the closest DC dog park.  The group then began this initiative with the goal of getting enough support and signatures to try again for a dog park at the Takoma Recration Center.


Other communities have been successful in getting dog parks approved.  Here's an example of the timeline for Shaw's Dog Park approval process 

Board of Directors

Marci Wasserman

President & Chairman of the Board

In addition to helping with the other Teams, Marci works on the location team. The location team scouts and identify's possible dog park locations. 


Board Member

This role is to develop partnerships and alliances with nearby businesses, groups, and community members.  


Board Member

This role is currently vacant.

Matt Haskins

Board Member

Matthew is an officer in the Army (Reserves) and an epidemiologist by training, He assists with various aspects of the dog park efforts.

Thomas Marable

Board Member

Thomas is an architect by training and has completed and managed many architecture projects both domestically and internationally.   

Shelly Wilsey

Board Member

Shelly lives in the Takoma Neighborhood and has experience working with non-profit organizations. 


Send us an email if you're interested in joining the group!

Our Mission

The goal of this group is to utilize DPR/DC Parkland to get a fenced-in dog park installed 

at the Takoma Recreation Center.

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